316 Families Supported, 321 Delivery Bills Paid, totaling over $311,235.

Hayden's Helping Hands is a foundation of the Charitable Partnership Fund, dedicated to financially assist parents with medical expenses after the birth of a stillborn baby.  


It will forever be our goal to stand by families who were not able to welcome home a child due to stillbirth.  


Founded in 2010.

Accepting applications from all states!

We are incredibly thankful to everyone who shows their support for the Hayden's Helping Hands mission over the last 12 years. With our record-breaking success from very generous donors, we will continue to accept applications for financial assistance to ALL states within the United States. Applications will be accepted for stillborn babies

(20 weeks gestation and beyond) and up to $1,000 will be paid per application. 

Applications are approved if all qualifications are met.

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Hayden's Helping Hands is a Charitable Partnership Fund Program,

501(c)3 93-1267966